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Destin · Fort Walton Beach · Navarre · Pensacola · Perdido Key · Gulf Breeze

Florida Four Point-Roof-Loss Control Inspections, Drone-Aerial Photos, Destin, Perdido Key, Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Ft Walton, Panama City Beach
"Pre-Sale" Inspections Include 5 Aerial Photos

Risk Survey: The purpose of an insurance risk survey is to identify life-safety issues with the property and take corrective action before a loss occurs, thereby providing a safer environment for your home and/or place of business. Rectifying life-safety risks prior to a "loss control survey" by your insurance carrier will enhance your insurance score and provide
From $200 
  • Reduce accidents and lawsuits/insurance claims by rectifying life-safety hazards.
  • Eliminate deferred maintenance to maximize the useful life & efficiency of components.
  • Improve your insurance score to limit exorbitant premiums; insurance carriers score customers to determine their premiums, and the frequency they inspect their property.

Four Point: A Florida 4-point inspection examines the current condition of a residence, reviewing four major systems: roofing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. This specific inspection is requested by homeowners insurance companies before policies can be renewed, or to determine of a property is eligible for coverage.
From: $175
  • Roof - Type of Roof Covering (shingles, tile, rolled). The age and condition of the roof. Are there missing shingles or active leaks?
  • Electrical System - The type of the wiring in the home (copper, aluminum, knob & tube). The brand of the electrical panel. The condition of the homes electrical system.
  • Heating and Cooling - Is there central heat and air in the home? The age and condition of the system. Are there signs of corrosion?
  • Plumbing System - Type of supply and drain lines found in the home (copper, PVC, galvanized, lead, polybutylene, etc.). Is there evidence of current leaks or drainage issues?  The age of the hot water heater, etc..
Wind Mitigation: The Florida wind mitigation inspection enables homeowners to receive discounts based on certain building attributes. There are seven areas of the residential home that could result in a premium discount if the property meets certain criteria, these areas include:
From: $200
  • Building Code (when constructed)
  • Roof Covering
  • Roof Deck Attachment
  • Roof to Wall Attachment
  • Roof Geometry
  • Secondary Water Resistance
  • Opening Protection (Windows, Doors, Shutters)
Roof Certification: The Florida roof certification inspection is often requested by Homeowner Insurance Companies to determine if the roof is nearing the end of its functional life - the inspection is normally completed by a Florida licensed home inspector. After the inspection, a 2-page report with photos describes any damage, repairs, and/or other issues that may be pertinent to the roof.
Generally, insurance companies require that the roof have 5 years or more of useful life.
From: $200
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Wayne Moore, Florida Panhandle Condo-Home Inspector
 Wayne Moore
·  Lic. Home Inspector, HI-7584
·  FAA Certified UAS-Remote Pilot
·  Lic. Real Estate Broker (Referrals)
·  ASHI Certified Inspector, ACI 2004  
·  Insurance Loss Control Inspector Cert.
·  Certified Rehabilitation Inspector, SBCCI
·  Lic. Community Assoc. Manager (Inactive)
·  Certified PCO - Termites-Household-Industrial
·  Commercial Real Estate Inspector, FREA
·  EPA Radon Measurement Proficiency
·  FL Wind Mitigation Certificate
·  Lead Hazards in Residences
·  Asbestos Building Inspector
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