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Commercial Building Inspections

Property Condition Survey | Loss Control/Risk Survey

Destin · Fort Walton Beach · Navarre · Pensacola · Perdido Key · Gulf Breeze

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"Pre-Sale" Inspections Include 5 Aerial Photos

A Property Condition Survey (PCS) is a non-destructive assessment of the readily accessible areas of a commercial building. The objective of the assessment is to determine the current condition of the major components & systems, and identify potential life-safety hazards; in addition to the physical building inspection, a records search and aerial imagery are included in the Property Condition Report.
From: $485

Risk Survey: The purpose of an insurance risk survey is to identify life-safety issues with the property and take corrective action before a loss occurs, thereby providing a safer environment for your place of business. Rectifying life-safety risks prior to a "loss control survey" by your insurance carrier will improve your insurance score.
From $250

  A PCS limits risk and liability for Property & Business Owners:

  • Avoid expensive repair and/or replacement of building components and systems.
  • Reduce liability and lawsuits/insurance claims by rectifying life-safety hazards.
  • Eliminate deferred maintenance to maximize the useful life & efficiency of the components.
  • Improve your insurance score to limit exorbitant premiums; insurance carriers score customers to determine their premiums, and the frequency they inspect their property.

Business Types:

  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants/Taverns
  • Hotels/Apartments
  • Retail Stores
  • Strip Malls
  • Manufacturing
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Metal/Wood Fabrication
 Components Included:
  • Roof & Structure
  • Exterior/Siding
  • HVAC System
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Parking, Walks, etc.
  • Fire & Safety Issues
  • Surrounding Exposures

The results of the PCS are submitted electronically via a narrative/checklist Property Condition Report that includes: a summary of any recommend repairs, life-safety issues, deferred maintenance, photos and a diagram of the exterior building dimensions.

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Wayne Moore, Florida Panhandle Condo-Home Inspector
 Wayne Moore
·  Lic. Home Inspector, HI-7584
·  FAA Certified UAS-Remote Pilot
·  Lic. Real Estate Broker (Referrals)
·  ASHI Certified Inspector, ACI 2004  
·  Insurance Loss Control Inspector Cert.
·  Certified Rehabilitation Inspector, SBCCI
·  Lic. Community Assoc. Manager (Inactive)
·  Certified PCO - Termites-Household-Industrial
·  Commercial Real Estate Inspector, FREA
·  EPA Radon Measurement Proficiency
·  FL Wind Mitigation Certificate
·  Lead Hazards in Residences
·  Asbestos Building Inspector

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